Our Program

Our weekly program at RENS incorporates a diversity of methodologies, carefully designed in alignment with current findings on early childhood education to give your child the opportunity to learn holistically while they play. The morning is balanced between free play and teacher-guided activities.


weekly-bakingOur various rings aim to instil a love of learning in your child. The complexity of the information presented is matched to the developmental level of the children in the class.

Fortnightly themes are extended to activities, developing your child’s general knowledge.

Weekly baking rings develop many skills including maths, listening, fine motor strength and sensory experiences

The weekly show & tell and news rings encourage your child to address their peers, building confidence and the basics of public speaking.

Literacy, language and numeracy rings stimulate language development and introduce mathematical concepts.ball-skills-ring-sep-2016-1

Daily story rings are often illustrated or dramatized with the use of props or puppets. 

In science & technology rings, your child will do experiments to find out how things work.

At preschool age, gross motor development is crucial, and our indoor and outdoor movement and physical education rings guide your child to develop and understand their body and its capabilities.

Cognitive, sensory and perceptual development is addressed through rings and activities that use educational games, enhancing skills such as matching, spotting differences and similarities, and understanding absurdities, amongst many others.

Free Play

The RENS philosophy is that learning is a joyful process that doesn’t need to be forced

Children learn best when given the freedom to play and express themselves, and your child will have plenty of opportunities for free play, both indoors and outdoors.

where-are-we-goingOur lovely grassed garden offers:

  • bicycle tracks with bicycles, tricycles, scooters and push-bikes;
  • a huge tree with a double-storey treehouse;
  • a real old VW Beetle, rowing boat and canoe;
  • swings, slides, jungle gyms, climbing equipment and obstacle courses;
  • two covered sandpits; and
  • plenty of space to run, hop, skip, gallop, roll and crawl.

There is always a teacher on the playground during outdoor play. Indoors, your child can engage in fantasy play and dress-up, a book corner or a home corner. 

We have a wealth of age-appropriate construction toys, educational toys, puzzles and perceptual games. Toys and games are put on regular rotation, to ensure variety.

Art & Music

Art is key to the RENS curriculum, and your child will be encouraged to explore their artistic and inventive abilities with daily creative activities, including drawing, painting, cutting, playdough, collage and woodwork.

Children also sing, participate in action songs, and learn about music and musical instruments. Our classroom and whole-school singing rings are a weekly hit!

Screenings & Assessments

We are able to advise parents on visual and hearing screenings options as early detection of any limitations is essential to reduce the negative impact on the child’s learning experience. Developmental assessments and school readiness testing can be arranged through the school.


Introducing children to books in preschool supports school readiness and literacy, enhances critical thinking skills and promotes creative and social development. RENS is fortunate to have a well-stocked library and your child will be able to borrow a book every week during library time.

Extramural Activities

We offer a range of optional extramural programs which take place during school hours at an additional cost. Activities available are carefully chosen to enhance physical development and creativity. 

Our current outsourced extramural programs are:




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