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In 1999 I started a widespread search for the right nursery school for my son and to my delight I discovered Roosevelt Extension Nursery School (RENS) – a well-established pre-school with awesome facilities.

As a parent, I served on a Governing Body that took this community owned nursery school to new heights and I was later employed to fulfil the secretarial and administrative roles at the school; a position I readily accepted as I wholeheartedly believed in the ever evolving philosophy of holistically educating the pre-school child.

The biggest attribute of RENS is that the school does not subscribe to any one teaching and learning methodology. My children (by now there were two) were not limited by a singular approach and their experience of pre-school was adapted to accommodate their individual learning styles, strengths and abilities.

A love of learning was instilled in them that went way beyond one-dimensional intellectual learning. They came to understand who they were and how to function in the wider world as respected and valued individuals even though their developmental paths were polar opposites.

One size and one way of thinking and teaching does not fit all and being able to learn through play easily facilitated their individual learning and growing experience.

Taking cognizance of ongoing research and findings in Early Childhood Development and Education has meant that they were not squashed into an ill-fitting box but rather were guided to build their own unique box to stand tall on.

Today, even though my boys have long since graduated from this fine nursery school, I remain passionate about RENS and about every single child whose journey I have the honour and privilege of witnessing.

Lee-Anne Hodge
Administration & Operations Manager
Roosevelt Extension Nursery School

A school started by an Association of parents and whether you call it nursery school, creche, playschool, childcare, pre-school, pre-primary, ECD or kindergarten, what matters most is that Roosevelt Extension Nursery School provides your child with a well-resourced, rich and stimulating educational environment that offers opportunity for real Learning through Play with the emphasis on balanced, whole child development, including the gifted child. 

Every Day is Open Day!

  • Flexible aftercare and holiday care options for working, work-from-home and stay at home parents
  • Qualified, experienced and committed educators
  • Beautiful, well-equipped playground with a large expanse of grass
  • Affordable and adaptable attendance options
  • A Community owned, Public Benefit Organisation
  • Value for money education that every child deserves

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